Hiking the Zürich-Zugerland Panorama Trail: Summary

Trail 47, the Zürich-Zugerland Panorama Trail is a two stage trail that starts in Zürich and goes to Zug. We recently did both stages and enjoyed them both. This trail is a really nice multi-stage trail with gorgeous panorama views along the way and sweeping lake views at the end.

Details and Photo Stories
Stage 1 – Zürich (Triemli) to Albispass
Stage 2 – Albispass to Zug

If you are interested in this trail but not sure which sections you would like to do, below are my suggestions.

Only time for one trail?

If I had to choose one trail, it would be Stage 2. It was less crowded than stage 1, and because it ends at Zug, there are more options for return transportation. Stage 1 ends at Albishohepass and the bus there only comes once an hour.

Only want to hike the best parts?

If you don’t want to hike the entire trail, here are some suggestions for doing just the best parts.

Stage 1 – Take the train to the top of Uetliberg and join the trail there rather than hiking up. This saves about 470 meters in elevation gain, and you really won’t miss anything too exciting. I would then suggest ending the trail at the Felsenegg Cable Car rather than going the entire way to Albishohepass. The cable car runs every 15 minutes bringing you down to a short walk to the Adliswil train station and multiple connections back to Zürich. The bus at Albishohepass only runs once an hour.

Stage 2 – Hike from Albispass to Baar and catch a bus or train there rather than continuing the full way to Zug. Baar to Zug is a pleasant walk but not particularly scenic or historic. The trail does not go directly by the train station, so depending on where you depart the trail you may need to also catch a bus to the train station. We didn’t do this, so I don’t have specific suggestions, but I’m sure it will be easy to find options with the SBB mobile app.

Restaurant with a view?

Want to add a meal with a view to your hike? Some options are listed below. Note: I haven’t eaten at any of these restaurants (they are currently only open for take-away due to Coronavirus), but I can say for sure that they all have marvelous views. I’m including this list here, in part as a note to my future self, to give them a try when outdoor dining is again allowed.

On stage 1, The restaurants at Uto Kulm, Felsenegg, and Buchenegg, all have gorgeous panorama views. If you decide you want to hike only as far as the Felsenegg cable car, please note that the Felsenegg Restaurant is a 15 minute walk past the cable car.

On stage 2 the restaurant at Albishorn has a stunning panorama view. For lake views, the waterfront area in Zug has multiple restaurants to choose from (sorry I can’t be more specific, I don’t know Zug well.)

Soup Inspiration?

Need inspiration for a soup to make? (Always, am I right?)

Stage 2 passes by the Kappeler Milchsuppestein. The Kappeler Milchsuppestein marks the spot where on June 10, 1529, Protestant forces from Zürich and Catholic forces from Zug met and instead of going to war, made and shared a big pot of Milchsuppe (milk soup). You can find my interpretation of this soup here.

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