Hiking the Stoos Gratweg Trail from Klingenstock to Fronalpstock

The Stoos Gratweg is a short (4 km), not too difficult (380 m ascent, 400 m descent), mind-bogglingly stunning panoramic ridge trail not far from Zürich. And while this trail was amazing and I loved it, I can’t recommend it without mentioning the downsides (pun intended). First, there are many sections with steep drop-offs, often on both sides of the trail. Although the trail is well made and maintained, and there are chains at the most dangerous spots, if you are afraid of heights, this is not the trail for you. Second, this trail is very popular. With so many other hikers on a such a narrow trail, I often felt crowded or rushed. It is not always easy to safely pass slower hikers and it was also not easy to stop and take pictures without causing a traffic jam. Note: It is recommended that you hike from Klingenstock to Fronalpstock so that all hikers are going in the same direction as it minimizes the number of times you need to pass someone on the path. Last, it is also a little pricier than other hikes I have done. Still, the panoramic views were some of the best of any trail I’ve been on. If the downsides don’t bother you, then you should definitely do this trail.

Detail Summary
Where:Stoos Gratweg, Klingenstock to Fronalpstock
Canton Schwyz, Switzerland
Train:Zürich HB ->  Schwyz, Stoosbahn – 1 hr 25 mins
Schwyz, Stoosbahn – > Zurich HB – 1 hr x min
Car:Schwyz-Stoos: Grundstrasse 230, 6430 Schwyz

There is ample parking at the Stoosbahn base station. More information on the Stoos Website.
What:Stoos Gratweg, Klingenstock to Fronalpstock

Red and White trail markers, Trail 827 Gratweg Stoos
Skill:Easy – About 2 hrs

Length 4 km, Ascent 380 m, Descent 400 m
Cost 2023:Adult full-price ticket for both cable cars CHF (Peak Experience Day Ticket): 52 CHF

Discount available for SBB Half-fare, Swiss Pass, and Junior cards.

Additional Info

Getting There

This is a point-to-point hike, but both chair lifts are accessed from Stoos village. You can reach Stoos village by taking the steepest funicular in the world – the Stoosbahn.

I took public transportation to the Stoosbahn but if you choose to drive there is ample parking at the Stoosbahn valley station. You can buy your tickets for the Stoosbahn funicular and chairlifts here or beforehand online. After riding up the Stoosbahn, it is a short walk to the Klingenstock chair lift (about a half kilometer). It is recommended that you hike from Klingenstock to Fronalpstock so that all hikers are going in the same direction. Doing so will minimizes the number of times you need to pass someone on the path. To get to the chairlift, I just followed the signs to Klingenstock. After taking the chairlift up, I was on my way.

The Trail

The trail starts right at the top of the Klingenstock chairlift. And wow, are the panoramic views amazing! But, as you can see in the last picture below, the trail does have steep drop-offs.

I tried to capture how steep the sides were but not sure I did. It definitely felt steeper than it looks in these pictures. It was also more crowded. It was not easy to get pictures without a lot of people in them (though I succeeded a few times).

About midway, there is a short detour up to the top of the Huserstock peak. I really loved the view from there back towards Klingenstock at the ridge and the trail (picture 5 below).

After leaving the Huserstock peak, the lake starts to dominate the view – like in the picture below. Dreamy!

Just before reaching Fronalpstock, there is a bit of a steep climb. The trail zig-zags up the hill, but there is room for people to pass by here if you are slow.

At the top is the Fronalpstock chairlift. There is a restaurant here and some overlook platforms. This section of the trail is part of the Stoos Panorama Trail – a short (2k) loop from the top of the Fronalpstock chairlift that has the some of the best views of the entire hike. Like these views of the ridge I just hiked along, the lakes below, and of the Mythen peak across the valley.

Admittedly the last picture above of the Mythen peaks I took from the chairlift on the way down. But, I really like the picture so I had to include it here. And If you decide to just take the Fronalpstock chairlift up, have lunch a the restaurant there, and do the shorter Panorama trail, it is one of the views you will see.

Getting Back

To get back, I simply took the chairlift down from Fronalpstock to Stoos village and then the Stoosbahn funicular back to the valley parking lot where I caught the bus home.

I really enjoyed this hike, but I was a little put off by the crowds and the price. However, the views are so exceptional that I am really happy I did it.

I’m also not afraid of heights, but if you are and you still want the amazing views, I recommend the Stoos Panorama Trail, a short loop (2km) from the top of the Fronalpstock chairlift which has some of the best views of the entire hike. If you want a challenge and to save some money when doing the Panorama trail, you can also hike up to and down from Fronalpstock. I’m thinking next time I hike at Stoos, that’s what I will do.

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