Hiking the Ybriger 7-Egg-Weg from Hoch-Ybrig to Holzegg

The Ybriger 7-Egg-Weg is 11 km long and starts at the top of the Sternen chair lift in Hoch Ybrig and ends at the top of the Brunni, Holzegg cable car. This is a very popular and highly recommended hike, and after doing it myself I can see why – close to Zürich, great views, lots of restaurants along the way, not overly challenging, and very customizable with several opportunities to shorten or lengthen the hike. I know that I will be recommended it to guests and I would be very happy to do it again sometime.

Detail Summary
Where:Hiking the Ybriger 7-Egg-Weg from Hoch-Ybrig to Holzegg
Canton Schwyz, Switzerland
Train:Zürich HB -> Hoch Ybrig, Talstation Weglosen – 1 hr 24 mins
Brunni SZ, Talstation Holzegg – > Zurich HB – 1 hr 19 min

Don’t forget to add time to buy your chairlift and gondola tickets and to ride them up/down the mountain to the total time of the hike. Maybe another 15 minutes or so on either end.
What:Hiking the Ybriger 7-Egg-Weg

Red and White / Yellow trail markers
Skill:Medium – About 3 hrs

Length 11 km, Ascent 340 m, Descent 740 m
Cost 2023:Adult full-price: CHF 25.

Ask for the 7-Egg-Weg Combo
This includes the cable car and chair lift up from Weglosen to Sternen and the cable car down from Brunni, Holzegg. Of course, other tickets are available if you plan to do a shorter or longer hike.

No discount for SBB cards

Additional Info
Ybriger 7-Egg-Weg
Hoch-Ybrig – includes webcams, weather info, and ticket prices

Getting There

This is a point-to-point hike, so best done with public transportation. After arriving at Weglosen, we purchased the 7-Egg-Weg Combo which includes the cable car and chair lift up from Weglosen to Sternen and the cable car down from Brunni, Holzegg. After riding the cable car up from Weglosen, we took the chairlift up to Sternen. There, we found our trail and were on our way.

There is a restaurant at the top of the Sternen chair lift but it wasn’t lunch time yet.

The Trail

Here, the trail goes from the top of the Sternen chairlift to the top of the Spirstock chairlift and this part of the trail is wildly panoramic and gorgeous. And if this is all you have time or energy for, you can take the chair lift down from Spirstock (extra charge) and it would be a great day.

There is also a restaurant at Spirstock and as it was now lunch time, we ate at the Spirstock restaurant. It’s a self-service. The food is Ok, nothing special. The prices are Swiss (aka high). But, amazing views!

From the restaurant the trail continues generally downhill. The views are fantastic and it is a fun and relaxing section to hike.

As we hiked, we could see the Grosser Mythen peak up ahead. The end of this hike is at the foot of that peak. On the way, we passed through the Iberegg pass – there is a restaurant there along with a bus stop so you can end the hike there if you choose.

As we approached the Mythen Peak, this trail joined the Mythen Peak trail just past the Rotenfluh gondola station.

If you are feeling very ambitious you could add the hike to the top of the Mythen Peak to the end of this hike. We were nowhere near that ambitious. Instead, we stopped at a restaurant near the end of our trail with the view of the peak you see in the picture above and had an Aperol Spritz.

Getting Back

After our little break, it was a short walk to the Brunni, Holzegg cable car and the end of the hike.

We really enjoyed this hike, and I definitely recommend it.

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