Three Year Blogiversary

Happy three-year Blogiversary to me! As of today, I’ve been writing this blog for exactly three years and so it is time to check in on how it’s been going. I’m still having fun with it, although I wrote fewer posts this year and only one recipe post (sesame-ginger pasta salad). One area where I added a lot of new posts, though, was biking. Before this year I had only one bike post, and this year I added 10 new bike posts.

Most of the new biking posts were from when my son and I biked across the Swiss Mittelland (the flat area between the Alps and the Jura) on National Bike Route 5. I also did some other bike trips as well, including two in Germany and one in the US (Florida). While I still prefer hiking to biking, it is a lot of fun and a great way to explore the flatter areas of the world.

Speaking of hiking, my husband and I also continued hiking the Trans Swiss Trail (route 2) – a 32 stage hike that completely crosses Switzerland, and are now on stage 31. I can’t believe we are almost done!

The Trans Swiss Trail: (1) Stage 20 Seelisberg to Erstfeld (2) Stage 23 Andermatt to Passo del San Gottardo(3) Stage 24 Passo del San Gottardo to Airolo (4) Stage 26 Osco to Anzonico (5) Stage 31 Lugano (Paradiso) to Morcote

I also did hikes that weren’t part of the Trans Swiss trail and one of my favorites was the Mythenweg. I love that you can see almost the entire trail in this photo as it zigzags its way up the mountain to the hut at the top. And, I love that the background includes Mt Rigi, one of my favorite hikes from last year (The Mark Twain Trail – Weggis to Rigi Kulm).

Like last year, we did some travel outside of Switzerland, including a few hikes in Italy (Sardinia) and Germany.

What about the technical side of the blog? Well, nothing to report – I didn’t add any new technical or design updates this year. Maybe next year. And my goal of not being so nervous about putting my thoughts out on a public forum or doing some promotion for the blog? No progress there either, but, I am still including myself in some of the photos. And as you can see, I am having a lot of fun.

So after a three years of blogging I would still definitely say it has been a great hobby for me. Now to cook more, read more, hike more, bike more, learn more, do more and keep on blogging!

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