Winter Hiking at Amden – Arvenbüel to Vorder Höhi

Winter hiking route 191, the Vorder-Höhi-Weg, is a 7 km with 380 m ascent/descent groomed snow hiking trail that starts at the Amden, Arvenbüel bus stop, heads up to the Vorder Höhi and then returns on the same path. A friend and I recently hiked this trail and it made for a very nice winter day out.

Detail Summary

Where:Winter Hiking at Amden – Arvenbüel to Vorder Höhi
Canton St. Gallen , Switzerland
Train/Bus:Zürich HB -> Arvenbüel – 1 hr 20 min
Car:Zürich -> Arvenbüel – 1 hr
There is a nearby paid public parking lot.
What:Winter Hiking at Amden – Arvenbüel to Vorder Höhi

Trail Map
Pink trail markers route 191
Arvenbüel -> Vorder Höhi -> Arvenbüel
Skill:Easy – About 3 hrs
Length 7 km, Ascent 380 m, Descent 380 m
Cost 2024No additional costs

Additional Info

Getting There

This trail starts at the Arvenbüel bus stop. If you drive, there is a paid parking lot here that you can use.

After hopping off the bus, we quickly found our trail sign, and were on our way.

The Trail

The trail starts alongside one of the Amden ski slopes. There wasn’t much snow, but people were still skiing. There is a nice restaurant at the top of the slope.

After passing the restaurant, the trail headed briefly into the forest and then out into open fields as we made our way up to Vorder Höhi. Even though the trail returns the same way, I turned around to take pictures because the view was so pretty and I wanted to make sure I got pictures while the weather and light were good.

There was more snow as we climbed, but it was an easy trail and a very pretty hike.

When we reached the Vorder Hohi point(the trail sign in picture three), we spent some time enjoying the view.

We then took the five minute walk over to the Chruz viewpoint and benches where we ate our picnic lunch. Gorgeous views all around and a really beautiful day!

After lunch, we hiked back to Arvenbüel, where we stopped at the restaurant we had passed on the way up. After a bit of relaxing and a much appreciated coffee, we got the bus home. This was a great hike and I am very glad we did it.

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