Hiking the Mülitobel-Sihl-Weg Trail -Schönenberg(ZH) to Richterswil

The Mülitobel-Sihl-Weg trial is 14km long with 250 m ascent and 560 descent and goes from Shönenberg (ZH) to Richterswil. The trail is a very pleasant hike past a number of ponds/resevoirs and marshes, along several streams, including the Sihl river, and ending at Lake Zürich.

Note: The SwissMobility site describes the hike as going in the opposite direction. Either way works, but I preferred to end in Richterswil as there are more transport options from there.

Detail Summary
Where:Schönenberg (ZH) to Richterswil
Canton Zürich, Switzerland
Train:Zürich HB -> Shönenberg (ZH), Dorfhuus – 42 mins
Richterswil – > Zurich HB – 29 min
What:Mülitobel-Sihl-Weg – Schönenberg (ZH) to Richterswil

Yellow trail markers
Teufenbachweiher – Hütten – Richterswil
Skill:Easy – About 3 hr 50 min

Length 14 km, Ascent 240 m, Descent 560 m

Additional Info

Getting There

This is a point-to-point hike, so best done with public transportation. We started the hike at the Schönenberg (ZH) Dorfhuus bus stop.

At the bus stop, we found the sign pointing us towards Teufenbachweiher and we were on our way.

The Trail

After a brief walk through town, including a lovely view of Lake Zürich in the distance, we headed out through some fields and down to the first reservoir of the hike, the Teufenbachweiher. According to the SwissMobility site, this is the oldest power plant in Canton Zürich.

After leaving the Teufenbachweiher, we began following the signs towards Hütten. Here the trail followed a small stream through the forest. Then, after passing through some farmland, the trail mades its way down to the Sihl river where we followed the river upstream for a few kilometers. I always enjoy a riverside stroll.

After leaving the river, it was steep climb up to the top of the ridge. After cresting the ridge, we could see the town of Hütten ahead of us.

After leaving Hütten, we started to follow the signs towards Richterswil. When we passed the Hüttenersee lake, we stopped at the Besebeiz-Knoble (German) restaurant for a coffee and a cheese plate.

After our break, we continued on our way to Richterswil. There were some lovely views of Lake Zürich and of the Etzel peak and we passed yet another pretty pond, the Sternenweier.

After passing the Sternenweier pond, the trail entered the forest where we hiked down into the Mülibach ravine. The path here followed the stream and the sunlight reflecting in the water was very striking.

When we left the forest and entered Richterswil, the stream is completely tamed and is the canal you see in picture two below.

As we approached the train station, we joined up very briefly with the the beginning of Stage 4 of the Zürichsee Rundweg. This was the first multi-stage trail I blogged and it was fun to revisit a section of it.

Getting Back

When we reached the Richterswil train station, we were at the end of the hike.

As we had about 20 minutes before our train, we went down to the lake shore for a bit, where I took some pictures of the swans.This hike made for a very pleasant afternoon. Very enjoyable.

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