Hiking the Adliswil-Felsenegg Nordic Walking Park Adliswil, Felsenegg, and Balderen Trails

The communities of Stallikon and Adliswil along with the Swiss Nordic Fitness Organization (SNO) maintain a series of nordic walking trails of various difficulty in the Albis/Felsenegg region of Canton Zürich. Looking for a nice hike close to home, we decided to do a loop combining three of the shorter trails – the Adliswil Trail (1.5 k, with 300 ascent), the Felsenegg Trail (3.1 k and approximately 30 m ascent and descent), and the Balderen Trail (3.6 k and approximately 100 m ascent and descent). All three trails meet at the Felsenegg restaurant, and while it was too crowded to eat there, we did, of course, stop to enjoy the magnificent views from the restaurant patio.

Detail Summary

What: Adliswil-Felsenegg Nordic Walking Park Adliswil, Felsenegg, and Balderen Trails,
Canton Zürich, Switzerland
Train: Zürich HB -> Adliswil – 30 m
(There is construction at the time of this writing and the schedule will change when construction is complete.)
Car: Zürich -> Adliswil – 20 m
Note: You can park at the Adliswil Train Station or at the small lot near the Felsenegg Luftseilbahn
Skill: Adliswil Trail
Medium – One Way
1.5 k, with 300 ascent

Felsenegg Trail
Easy – Loop
3.1 k and approximately 30 m ascent and descent

Balderen Trail
Easy – Loop
3.6 k and approximately 100 m ascent and descent

Additional Info

Getting There

We drove, but parked at the Adliswil train station. From there, it is a 10 minute walk to the Felsenegg Luftseilbahn and the start of the Adliswil trail.

The Adliswil Trail

After passing the base of the Felsenegg Luftseilbahn, the Adliswil trail heads into the forest. Over the next 1.5 kilometers, the trail climbs up the ridge often with the Luftseilbahn cables overhead. With a little over 300 m of elevation gain, this trail is definitely a bit of work out and although the trail is well maintained and in many parts has a hand rail, it was nice having our walking sticks with us.

At the top of the ridge, is the Felsenegg restaurant and the start of the two other trails we would be doing today. To the right, going towards the top of the Felsenegg Luftseilbahn is the Balderen Trail. To the left, going past the Felsenegg Restaurant is the Felsenegg trail. We decided to do the Felsenegg trail first as we really wanted to get to see the main attraction of these three hikes right away – the view from the Felsenegg restaurant.

The View from the Felsenegg Restaurant

We had perfect weather for this hike and the restaurant patio was packed, so we didn’t eat there. But, we most definitely stopped to enjoy the views of Lake Zürich before heading on to the next trail. Simply gorgeous!

The Felsenegg Trail

The Felsenegg trail is an easy 3.1 k loop with approximately 30 m ascent and descent. The first half of this trail was familiar to us as it is also part of the Zürich-Zugerland Panorama Trail which we hiked earlier this year. After leaving the Felsenegg Restaurant, it heads through the woods and along fields with beautiful open views.

When we reached the Buchenegg Restaurant, the trail departs from the Zürich-Zugerland Panorama trail and begins the return to the Felsenegg Restaurant.

Back at the Felsenegg Restaurant, we headed in the opposite direction and joined our next trail – The Balderen Trail.

The Balderen Trail

The Balderen trail leads through the woods, first past the Felsenegg Luftseilbahn top station, and then past the large radio tower in picture three. Along the way, there are glimpses though the trees of Lake Zürich.

Like the Felsenegg trail, the first half of this trail was familiar to us as it is also part of the Zürich-Zugerland Panorama Trail. When we hiked that trail in February, the view was dramatically different. Not only was it winter and the trees bare, but the air was an eerie orange from Saharan dust. Here is a side-by-side comparison. Amazing how different the same hike can be depending on the season and weather!

When we got to the Balderen Kiosk restaurant, the hike loops back through the fields and the forest to make the return to the Felsenegg Restaurant.

After returning to the Felsenegg Restaurant , it was time to start heading home.

Getting Back

To get back, we decided to simply hike back down the Adliswil trail. We had considered taking the Luftseilbahn back down, but it was just too nice a day not get in a little more hiking.

The Adliswil, Felsenegg, and Balderen trails together are a nice combination for a longer local hike with a bit of a challenge thrown in. You can easily customize this hike to how you feel. For example, you can make it quite a bit easier by taking the Luftseilbahn instead of the Adliswil trail, or simply make it shorter by doing only one of the two loops. I’m sure we will be back to do these trails again.

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