Biking on the Voie des Vignes Trail from Beaune to Volnay in Burgundy, France

Over the fall break, we spent some time in Beaune, France in the heart of Burgundy wine country. Famous for its wines, this area is a lovely place to eat and relax. We stayed in the town of Beaune, and my older son and I went for a short bike ride (only 10.5 k) on the Voie des Vignes (Vinyard Way) trail going from Beaune to Volnay and back. This easy cycle and pedestrian trail goes through gorgeous vineyards and quaint towns and made for a very enjoyable ride. Our ride was just a taste of the Voie des Vignes trail (the full trail goes from Dijon to Nolay) and I would love to come back and do more sometime.

Detail Summary

Where:The Voie des Vignes Bike Trail
Beaune to Volnay, France
Train:Zürich HB -> Beaune, France – 3 hr 13 min
Car:Zürich -> Beaune, France – 3 hr 22 min
We drove and parked at our hotel. There were multiple public parking lots in the area but they were very busy even in October.
What:The Voie des Vignes Bike Trail
Well marked with green cycle signs.
Skill:Beaune to Volnay and Back
Easy – About 50 min
Length 10.5 km, Ascent/Descent 110 m
Cost 2023Rental Bike Cost – Bourgogne èvasion
20 Euro per day not including helmet (helmets available for 2 Euro more)

Additional Info

Getting There

We rented our bikes from Bourgogne èvasion. They had good quality bikes and good service. They also offer guided bike and wine tours. We were just going for a short ride to get a taste of biking in the area, so we just went on our own.

After getting our bikes and orienting ourselves to the map they gave us, we were on our way.

The Trail

After 500 m or so of street biking, we joined the bike trail. This trail was really wonderful. No traffic and gorgeous vineyards all around. After about 15 minutes, we passed through the town of Pommard. We didn’t stop here, but there were restaurants and wine tasting available here. It was easy to follow the trail as it was very well marked with green bicycle signs.

After passing Pommard, we were again among the vineyards. The fall colors were absolutely stunning!

When we reached Volnay, it was starting to rain so we decided to stop for a long lunch. I’m so very glad we did! The fish with risotto was wonderful and the creme brûlée was absolutely fabulous!

Even in October, we were lucky to get a table without a reservation. Lots of bike tour groups come through here and the entire restaurant can be filled in an instant. After lunch, there was a break in the rain and we quickly cycled back the way we came and returned the bikes. Next stop, a visit to a château de Savigny-lès-Beaune a winery that also has the largest private collection of fighter jets in the world.

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