Hiking the Dreiland Wanderweg – Stage 3 Haltingen (Germany) to Basel, Schifflände

Stage 3, the last stage of the Dreiland Wanderweg, is 9 km with 80 m ascent and 100 m descent and goes from Haltingen, Germany back to the start of the hike at Basel, Schifflände. This last stage of the hike puts the three countries into the three country hike as it goes through Germany, France, and Switzerland and crosses the Three Country (Dreiland) pedestrian bridge – the point where all three countries meet. This is a very easy stage and nice end to the hike.

Detail Summary
Where:Haltingen (Germany) to Basel, Schifflände
Canton Basel-Stadt, Switzerland, Haltingen, Germany, Hunigue, France
Train/Bus:Zürich HB -> Basel Bad Bahnhoff -> Haltingen, Germany -> Zürich HB – 1 hr 30 min
Basel, Schifflände -> Zürich HB – 1 hr 20 min

Note: Tickets for the German portion of the trip from Basel Bad Bahnhoff to Haltingen, Germany can be bought at Basel Bad Bahnhoff station from a machine or online with the DB Navigator app.
What:Dreiland Wanderweg – Stage 3
Skill:Easy – About 2 hrs 10 min
Length 9 km, Ascent 80 m, Descent 100 m

Additional Info
Dreiland Wanderweg Overview
Dreiland Wanderweg – Stage 3
DB Navigator app (German Train Tickets and Station Information)

Photo Stories for All Stages
The Dreiland Wanderweg, Chemin des Trois Pays, or Three Country Trail (Trail 67) is a 43 km long, three-stage trail that explores the border triangle between Switzerland, Germany, and France. Photo stories for each stage here:

Stage 1 – Basel, Schifflände to Riehen, Hörnli
Stage 2 – Riehen, Hörnli to Haltingen (Germany)
Stage 3 – Haltingen (Germany) to Basel, Schifflände

Getting There

After getting off the train in Haltingen, we retraced our steps back to where we left the trail at the end of stage two. Unfortunately, we had to circle around a bit and use google maps before we found our trail sign on Heinrich-Haas Strasse.

It was a little frustrating that when we were in Germany the trail signage was not great and that the map tracking using the SwissMobility app also didn’t work as well as it does when in Switzerland. It wasn’t a huge deal, though – we were wandering a residential area and in no danger of getting lost in the wilderness. Anyway, once we found our trail, we were on our way.

The Trail

After a brief stroll through some of the residential areas, the trail enters the Krebsbach nature reserve and follows alongside a small stream (The Krebs). Again the signage wasn’t great and we weren’t sure if we were supposed to follow the road under the bridge or go through the magic portal tunnel into the beckoning natural world. We chose the tunnel and continued along the nature path for another kilometer or so.

Eventually, we followed a trail back up to the road, found our trail sign and were back on track, or in this case a paved bicycle path taking us past some industrial looking areas. When we started to see signs for the Dreiland Bridge, we were in the town of Weil am Rhine, surrounded by residential apartment buildings, stores, and even a shopping mall.

At the Dreiland Bridge, we stopped at the sushi restaurant (Mai Garden) overlooking the bridge for lunch. Reasonable sushi and a real great watermelon, berry green iced tea.

After lunch, we walked across the Dreiland Bridge. We paused at the border crossing from Germany into France and looked out over the river to the point where both countries border Switzerland.

After crossing into Hunigue, France, the trail follows the Rhine river upstream towards Basel.

Just before getting to Basel, we crossed the border back into Switzerland.

We continued to follow along the river, admiring each of the bridges as we made our way back to Basel, Schifflände.

Getting Back

When we were almost at the end of the hike, we decided to stop at a cafe along the river for an Aperol spritz. Always a nice way to end a hike.

At Basel, Shifflände, we took the tram back to the main train station and headed home. This was an easy walk, and while not the prettiest hike, it was interesting to explore the border triangle and it was very pleasant walking along the river.

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