Biking on the Mosel Cycle Path from Cochem to Senheim in the Mosel Valley, Germany

Over the spring break, we spent some time in the Mosel Valley in Germany. Famous for its castles and Riesling wines, this area is a charming place to hike, bike, and relax. We stayed in the town of Cochem, and spent one of our days biking a loop along the Mosel Cycle Path from Cochem to Senheim and back. This is a flat, easy bike ride with beautiful castles, vineyard, and river views. Very enjoyable and highly recommended.

Detail Summary

Where:Mosel Cycle Path
Cochem to Senheim, Germany
Train/Bus:Zürich HB -> Cochem, Germany – 6 hr 36 min
What:Mosel Cycle Path
The path follows the river, so not much of map really needed.
Skill:Cochem to Senheim and Back
Easy – About 2 hrs 30 min
Length 35 km, Ascent/Descent 52 m
Cost 2023Rental Bike Cost – Radsport-Schrauth
14 Euro per day including helmet

Additional Info

Getting There

Located just a short walk from our hotel in Cochem on the Mosel Promenade road was the bike rental place Radsport-Schrauth. It was early in the season so we were able to get bikes without a reservation. In peak season, I would recommend reserving a bike ahead of time.

After getting our bikes, we followed the bike path downstream towards Cochem where we crossed the bridge.

The Trail

After crossing the bridge, we the followed the bike path upstream. The view of the Reichsburg castle in Cochem is particularly nice from this side.

The Mosel Bike Path simply follows along the river through the Mosel valley. It is fairly flat, so that made for some easy pedaling.

When we reached Senheim, we stopped at the restaurant in picture three and had lunch. Like a lot of restaurants in Germany, they were cash only. After lunch, we crossed the bridge in Senheim and followed the bike path back to Cochem.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures on the way back because most of the time the path was sandwiched between the road and the river. There weren’t a lot of nice places to stop without being in the way of other bikers. The views of the vineyards were very lovely, but I am sure they are much better in summer and fall when the vines have leaves.

With Reichsburg castle in view, we were done with our ride. We returned the bikes and walked back to our hotel. This is an easy path with little to no street traffic to be concerned with. It is very popular though, so there are a lot of other bikers on the path. Can’t blame them, it really is a wonderful place to bike.

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